About the journal

The journal publishes the results of scientific research of faculty members, doctoral and post-graduate students of higher educational institutions and organizations of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, and their strategic partners in the field of radio electronics and related fields.

Registration certificate

Registration certificate: ПИ №ФС2-8341 from 02.11.2006, issued by Federal Service for Supervision over Mass Communication, Cultural Heritage Protection Legislation Observance  in the North-West Federal District.

International Standard Serial Number

ISSN 1993-8985

     The "Journal of the Russian Universities. Radioelectronics" ("Izvestiya Vysshikh Uchebnykh Zavedenii Rossii. Radioelektronika"is included in The list of leading peer-reviewed scientific publications, where the basic scientific results of dissertations for the degree of Ph.D. and Candidate of sciences should be published in accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation.

Founder and publisher

     The founder of the Journal of Russian Universities. Radioelectronics is the Saint Petersburg Electrotechnical University "LETI".

Journal policy

     The mission of the journal is to cover current problems of radioelectronics, as well as results of scientific research and best practices determining focus area and line of development for scientific research in the field of radioelectronics.  

     The focus of the journal is to publish the results of scientific research that are creatively different and carried out by wide range of authors, from university students to recognized scientists and experts not only from the Russian Federation but from neighboring countries and beyond. Moreover, the purpose of the Journal is to publish reviews and proceedings of specialist conferences on all the trends of theoretical research and practical studies in radioelectronics, as well as news items and bibliographic material.

   The editors of "Journal of the Russian Universities. Radioelectronics":

  1. Adheres the policy of Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE).
  1. Acts according to the principles of international laws of copyright (Responsible research publication: international standards for authors) and the current relevant legislation of the Russian Federation in the field of copyright.
  1. Accepts and works with the materials submitted by an author, on the basis of the Rules of cooperation with the editors and the Author's agreement.

The Rules of cooperation with editors (responsibilities of parties) based on the Code of conduct and best practice guidelines for journal editors are presented in Publication ethics section. Before the manuscript submission process authors should carefully read the requirements and obey them responsibly starting with the moment of submitting article. No one`s copyright rights should be violated during the collaboration process.

     The journal is published in Russian in printed form. The names of articles, abstracts, key words, author’s data are translated into English.

     The materials published in the journal reflect the author`s personal position, which can be different from the editorial`s position.

     All author's materials are subject to compulsory peer-review (see section Peer review ).

     The editorial board does not enter into scientific discussions with authors.

     Author's fees for publications are not considered in this proposal. Manuscripts are not returned. Publications in the Journal are free of charge. Open access to the full texts of the articles is provided to everybody without any restrictions.

     The editors have the right to reject the manuscripts formatted inappropriately and manuscripts containing materials that do not correspond to the subject matter of the journal. See Manuscript guideline section.

     Reprinting or distribution of the materials published in the journal is not allowed without the prior written agreement of the editorial staff.     

Since 1998 the journal "Journal of the Russian Universities. Radioelectronics" has been issued.  

Publication Frequency 

The Journal is published 6 times a year.

Open access to the full texts of the articles is provided to everybody in one year after the article publication.

Peer review process

  1.  All copyright material submitted for publication in the Journal shall undergo scientific reviewing. The reviewing is arranged by the Journal Editors.
  2. Reviewing shall be performed by highly qualified scientists and experts with deep professional knowledge and experience in the particular area.
  3. The terms of reviewing in each particular case shall be defined by the Editorial Council (the Editorial Council members in charge of relevant subject) for the utmost prompt publication of the articles.
  4. Reviewers shall be informed that the submitted manuscripts are the authors’ private property and highly confidential information.
  5. Reviewing shall be carried out in confidence. The review is sensitive information and provided to the author of the manuscript at his written request without reviewer’s signature, name, position and place of work.
  6. Unsealing shall be possible only in case the reviewer declares uncertainty or falsification of the information in the manuscript.
  7. In case the manuscript review contains suggestion to make corrections, it shall be sent back to the author for refining.  
  8. In case the author disagrees with reviewer’s opinion, he shall have a right to provide a well-reasoned reply to the journal editorial office. The editorial council can appoint another reviewer.
  9. The decision on the article publication expediency after the reviewing shall be made by the editorial council.
  10. The Editors shall inform the author about the decision upon his request. The author of rejected manuscript shall receive reasoned refusal upon his request.
  11. Authors shall have a right to submit together with copyright material a review of an independent expert. The editors shall reserve the right to take into account the submitted review or appoint scientific reviewing according to the standard procedure.
  12. Non-reviewable articles shall be the following:
    • articles written by members of the State Academies if Sciences;
    • articles recommended for publication, i.e. scientific reports listened to at congresses, conferences, etc.;
    • informative, promotional, image-building articles,  reports and announcements.

The authors also can see the article criteria on which reviewers should evaluate a manuscript. (Requirements for the  review content).

See also the Publication ethics section and the materials are posted on COPE website.


Publications in the Journal of Russian Universities. Radioelectronics are included in Science Citation Index. Citation Index is an index specifying significance of the article that is calculated based on the following articles referring to this particular work.

Russian Science Citation Index is bibliographic and abstract index representing database that accumulates over 6 million publications of the Russian authors as well as information about citing these publications from more than 4500 Russian journals. The Russian Science Citation Index has been developed since 2005 by the Scientific Electronic Library.

Author's audience

     The editors of the journal invite for collaboration doctors, candidates of sciences, researchers, doctoral students, qualified science researchers, graduate students and undergraduates who wish to contribute to the development of science and modern technologies. In order to ensure high-level content, the articles unpublished nowhere else are printed after compulsory review and editorial revision in accordance with the principles of Publication ethics only. See also the Archive section.    


     The journal is focused on researchers and scientists, and is also intended for a wide audience of specialists around the world working in the specified scientific fields.

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